Friday, September 9, 2022

Get free books for your autumn reading and maybe win nifty stuff

When was the last time you heard someone use "nifty" in a sentence (or anywhere else)? See  the Third Annual Fall into a Book giveaway event, below, for how you can enter

First, the free books: 

Two of my books will be available for free in The Must Read Historical Romance promo (9/15/2022 – 10/15/2022) if you subscribe to my newsletter on the signup form on Bookfunnel.

A Peculiar Enchantment (release date 12/6/2020; you'll be seeing it before the buying public):

A Westminster Wedding:

Both are also available on Booksirens in exchange for a review when you’ve read them.

A Peculiar Enchantment (release date 12/6/2020; you'll be seeing it before the buying public)

A Westminster Wedding:

And don’t forget that entrants in  the Isn't It Romantic Book Club's Third Annual Fall into a Book giveaway event on Facebook can win loot.

 Over 200 authors are giving away...well, whatever they want the winning entrants. Here’s how it works:

On Friday, September 23, go to

Each author will make one post: maybe there will be a game to play or a question to answer or whatever the author decides to do that will call for a response or comment of some sort. 

I plan to pose 4 easy (opinion) questions. My four winners will be able to choose which one of my seven published historical romances they want. Reader warning: none of them contain explicit sex scenes. Sometimes they contain mild bad language (i.e., not as bad as you’d hear on a middle-school playground, probably).

On Saturday, September 24, each author will choose their winner or winners and notify them by friending and tagging or messaging them. 

I'm looking forward to it.

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